Weather News of Japan2018年7月10日


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Weather News of Japan                     

The number of victims caused by the heavy rain that attacked  West Japan continues increasing on 9th, and,           as for the person  that cardiopulmonary arrest cannot get   two people, disappearance and communication as for 126 dead people in 13 prefectures, it is with 79.

Is said that a survival rate falls remarkably; from“outbreak   a search and help continued while hung 72 hours” on 10th, and  invited you.                           The Meteorological Agency announced the name of this   heavy rain “a July, 2018 heavy rain” and decision on 9th.          

As for the total precipitation from the rainfall beginning of from June 28 to this month 8 when the stagnation ofthe seasonal rain front began in, as for the precipitation, the precipitation updated a maximum in history of observation in 75 spots for 22 prefectures 24 hours for 72 hours during this period. The Meteorological Agency               started “the heavy rain special warning” that the serious disaster once in severaldecades was expected in 11 prefectures from 6th through 8th and canceled all it                  by the afternoon of 8th.                   

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport clarified that we had the report of 238 earth and sand disasters        on 9th from 28 prefectures.

Of these, a landslide was 197 cases,The influence on        lifeline continued, too. The suspension of water supply          as of 6:00 extended to Hiroshima, 270,000 houses              including Okayama in total on the afternoon of 9th.   

 In addition, according to Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry, approximately 5,100 houses in Hiroshima were cut off as of 5:50 afternoon of 9th.                                                                                According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Fire and Disaster Management Agency, the refugee as of half past 5 amounted to approximately 11,000 around Okayama, both Hiroshima prefectures on the afternoon of 9th.